The Usual EU Stitch-up

In case you didn’t catch the news from the capital of the European Empire. This is where our TWENTY-THREE MILLION QUID NET PER DAY GOES:

MEPs have today elected Martin Schulz for a second highly paid term as president of the European Parliament as a key part of the deal to install Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels. The German Socialist will take home a pay and perks package worth over £213,000 a year and the Left-wing MEP who often thunders against tax havens will pocket £124,000 of his income in special allowances without paying any taxation at all.

The man who campaigned against the “scandal of corporate tax evasion” as “a Europe-wide problem depriving public finances” will receive over half of his annual income in special presidential tax free allowances, annual “subsistence” payments worth £89,000 and a “residence” allowance worth over £35,000.

He is also entitled to an extra “representation allowance” worth £14,000 a year as well as having two limousines, BMW 7s, with drivers for his personal use.

Mr Schulz also has a personal staff of 39 officials and in March he was accused of political cronyism after handing out top administrative posts in the parliament to five members of his entourage.

The control of the parliament by the new grand coalition will give it a stranglehold over 70 per cent of European legislation and, combined with strong political links to Mr Juncker, MEPs are expected to mount strong opposition to radical reform of the EU.

“The re-election of Schulz via a secret ballot following a backroom stitch-up between the main centre-right and centre-left blocks epitomises the EU’s democratic flaws and exposes the hollow nature of the arguments in favour of spitzenkandidaten,” said Pawel Swidlicki, of the think tank Open Europe.  “Schulz is an aggressive proponent of increasing the power of the European Parliament and so will be a big obstacle to EU reform.”




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- WHS Old Boy : 1958 to 1964 - Director of Studies, Isuga : 1998 to 2008 - now retired and living in Ramsgate, UK
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