I loathe and detest:

– elites who – believing they know what is best for us – do not consult us, or if they do and don’t like what we say, ignore us.

– people who waste my money

– people who take advantage of  the faith and trust I place in them.

– people paid by the public who do not respect the latter

– people who abuse their power

As far as I am concerned, the EU and its zealots come into all the above categories. They may have their own “good reasons”, but that is not enough. And I detest the LIES. “The EU ‘saved Europe’.” NO, THEY DID NOT. The Americans, British and allies “saved Europe” from its OWN fascism = a powerful elite DOING WHAT IT WANTS. For me, the PEOPLE are sovereign,

I want to leave the EU and be like poor, failing, miserable, lonely Switzerland …..


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